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born & raised in a golden state under the bright los angeles sunshine, julie spent over a decade as an exec in the music industry working very closely with top global artists, traveling the world and creating lifelong connections. after an incredible career, the universe intervened and gave undeniable signs to start her calling as a wellness advocate, and deepen her innate skills in working with energy. as a master teacher with guided light healing, julie has years of experience in energetic healings and intuitive guidance. her work is currently focused on her private clients, public group classes, events, and empowering people with tools to navigate and live their best life.

she is an avid certified yogi, meditator, curator of retreats, and collaborates with renowned wellness brands. she is fueled by great music and surrounding herself with people living in their light.

check out my video interview with holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert elissa goodman for her show on focus tv network about my journey from the music industry to the world of energy healing & intuitive guidance.

certifications //

school of guided light healing with alessandro giannetti / energetic healer and intuitive guidance

the weiss institute with dr. brian weiss / past life regression therapist