feel golden monday meditation

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feel golden monday meditation


join me every monday for a 30 minute guided energetic healing experience via livestream.

mondays at 8pm pst/ 11pm est *(unless otherwise noted)

the goal is to kick start your week feeling really set up for what you can accomplish. I will intuitively tune into what each group needs each week - every week will be a different theme and experience. I will guide, while you chill. all you need to do is honor what your body needs. you will have the option to see me, but I won’t see you.

[*any changes to the schedule will always be noted on this page and via instagram]

[sign ups should take place at least 45 mins prior to each livestream to make sure you are all set, but can be scheduled days in advance]

[please plan to be in a private + quiet location]

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word on the stream...

"working with julie has helped me expand the limits that I thought my own energy could reach! her creative and incredibly powerful energy meditation livestreams have been a must-do in my life since the day they started. the greatest litmus test for me is how I feel when I'm not doing them. within a week, I find myself waiting (and asking!) for a new session of the livestreams to begin. I'm so much more aware of my own energy since doing these livestreams --- and so much more intuitive and present in everything that I do!"
- dana claudat, the tao of dana

"julie is an incredible guide and energy worker. rest on the river as she navigates you into the discovery of self to find your joy so you will always live from your heart." - g.p.

“julie’s guided visual healings have been life changing for me. they have helped me to tap into a calm place within me that I didn't know was possible, relax my very busy mind and tap into my inner power and strength!" - a.w.

“julie’s healings are nothing short of completely transformational. I’ve experienced integral moments of my healing journey during her meditations. she holds an incredibly safe and tight container to dive into the subconscious mind and deep into the infinite soul for massive change and growth. her messages and activations are delivered with love and warmth but are direct and potent. she is truly a gem and a special healer." - m.l.

“julie has such an amazing soul. it translates when she speaks through her guided meditations. it is really helpful that I can take her class from the comfort of my own home and still be impacted by her words and good vibrations. she has a great aura that carries through even if you are not in the same room as her.” - v.r.

“feel golden monday live meditations with julie are a gift. I highly recommend to anyone looking to ground, connect, clear, jump start and/or begin their meditation practice. they help me get out of my head and into my golden zone.” - c.m.

“relax and let in the golden light to tune into your connection with your higher self. release what no longer serves you to focus on your real you. find the magic and the infinite possibilities that are in you and feel amazingly good with love and golden light.” - m.c, tuning in from europe